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My husband and I purchased a Trend home.As we watched house after house getting gutted we asked the neighbors what was up.

For the 2 1/2 years we lived in our "American Dream" home our kids were getting sick, they were on breathing treatments I am talking a 3 week old baby, 2 year old and 6 year old. My husband was constantly sick. We practically lived at the pediatricians office so much they gave us a breathing machine to take home, Come to find out TREND made a shortcut in the way they put in the air conditioning units causing the condensation to create mold throughout our entire home. One morining our bathroom roof caved in!

We ended up leaving our home the only people left on the block it was so eery!I found out we were supposedly too late to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon and my children and i lost our home thanks to the mold that was killing us!

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THEY HAVE NOT attempted to contact me in any way shape or form!


You don't have to tell me their were cranes pulling the air conditioning units out of the houses carpets n tile being ripped out from the mold our kids haven't been using breathing treatments since we were forced to leave "our American dream" which turned into a serious nightmare! I'm wondering when trend will step up to the plate claim their faults and fix what my family has had to go through how the heck are we supposed to get a new home now?


Their was a lawsuit but we weren't aware of it until they settled with the other neighbors it was a class action lawsuit also no one has contacted us either


Was there really a lawsuit (bandwagon) taking place with Trend Homes in Peoria?

We have had problems with our Trend home too. Would you please provide me the name(s) of the attorney(s).

They are the worst builder we have ever met!

Thanks very much!

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Trend homes was sued by the miller law firm for mold.We purchased one of their homes before we found out about this.

Our kids were sick for years as soon as we let the house go back to the bank our kids have not been sick since. We have moved but when we did live their and contact trend homes they refused to do anything they were filing bankruptcy while my infant was on breathing treatments. We lost our homes and our kids had medical problems for 3 years. Dont let your babies get sick by trend homes they cut contruction corners and they have defects.

Our ceiling caved in full of water.

We lost our home because of this .We had headaches,sinus infections breathing treatments it was horrible and my family had to pay dearly I am just happy none of our children died.

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Trend Homes say they build unique homes but fail to mention that by unique they mean they will build the same house three doors down.Yes, my unique Trend Home is being rebuilt three doors down.

If you are planning on using them I would beware. If I go to sell my house people are going to want a unique house not a copy next door. I get to look at my house twice coming home thanks Trend!

I will never use them again.One year in and it is falling apart from the inside out.

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